Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pretty Little Liars -- Am I the Only One So Obsessed?

I don't care if you think this is riCOCKulous but I have become obsessed with this series. It started out when a friend of mine from cosmetology school told me I HAD to see this new TV series on ABC Family. I had seen the adds for it all over the place: the mall, the street, the bus stops, and I have to admit that the poster looked very intriguing.

I started watching after the show had already aired 4 episodes so as soon as I watched the first one I ended up watching the next three as well. It was SO ADDICTING! In fact, I was so hooked I went and bought the first book for my Ipad. I started reading about a week ago and I am already halfway through the second book.

The books are just as entertaining as the show and I recommend that anybody who is a reader should give them a try. They are definitely a "fun" read, I mean, there isn't a ton of literary substance but you know what, I appreciate the way the author, Sara Shepard, tells the story. She is definitely a good story-teller. She can capture her audience very well. I wouldn't say she is a Stephenie Meyer but she is capable enough that I don't feel like I am losing brain cells by reading the books like I did when I attempted to read the Gossip Girl series.

I'm not going to go into a huge explanation of what the series so far is about, go watch and see!, but I will say that it has a good level of mystery and suspense to it. I really enjoy it, but I really think I enjoy any show with some murder mystery in it.

By far my favorite character in the books and the TV show is Aria. When I read books I always enjoy finding the character I can relate to and I really feel like I relate to her the most. First of all, she is an English major and secondly she is just a little bit off from the rest of the girls. She is a bit darker and more brooding. She tends to over-analyze situations but I think that isn't such a terrible quality all the time, especially if your best friend goes missing and is found dead in her own backyard 3 years later. What I also love about this character is her STYLE!

The books try to capture her eccentric style and I think the show's stylist did a fantastic job at recreating the looks! She piles on a lot of layers, wears a lot of lace leggings, and the lace-up boots she is always wearing are to die for! I am definitely inspired by her wardrobe and I think I may have found a new fashion idol by way of Aria. :P I will try putting some looks together that are inspired by her fashion and uploading them on here. Enough about my girl crush. Ill talk to you guys later.


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  2. thank you! i love our blog as well! you have such cute style!