Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hair Trends For 2011

Hello again lovely readers! I hope the start of your new year is going great. Remember, this is the time to start off fresh and accept change. If you are feeling a little bit "blah" with your look maybe its time for a little 2011 to get tangled up in your hair.

Middle Parting
Victoria's Secret has long been a fan of the middle parting. Allesandro Ambrosio is one of the Angels rocking this sexy look. A middle parting shows confidence. With no hair hiding your face you will look approachable and flirty. To pull off the middle parting I recommend growing bangs out to graze the cheekbones which will help to frame the face.

Natural Length
This year I am predicting more and more celebrities will trade in their ridiculously long extensions in favor of their natural locks. In my opinion, the waste-length wavy hair of 2010 (think Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus), will be long gone in this new year and thank God for that. I have been seeing celebrities rocking their natural length hair recently and I find it so much classier. If you favor long hair over this year's short hair trends, then grow your hair out au naturale. The perfect thickness down to the ends of the hair that extensions give you will completely blow your cover. Enjoy the process of growing your real hair and you will achieve beautiful natural length like Mila Kunis pictured above.
Pixie Cut
The next trend of the new year has already begun thanks to Emma Watson's incredible new look. Emma claims that the big chop was done to symbolize the end to her role as Hermione Granger. A large part of Hermione's identity was the mass of curly hair she possessed, so by Emma loping it all off she definitely made a point. If you are looking to make a statement this year about closing a chapter of your life and starting anew, what better way to do it? This cut is best worn by those with oval and heart-shaped faces.
Chin to Shoulder Length Bob
Running with the theme of natural hair, the bob is back but sexier than ever. This year's bob isn't the one your mom warned you about. It's an edgier take on the classic, with shaggier ends and a lot of texturizing. Celebrities like Scarlett Johanson are rocking their natural wavy texture with the bob which I think gives the cut a lot more sex appeal. Remember, neat hair is never sexy, but perfectly imperfect hair, now that is sexy.
Sleek and Straight
In the new year I am predicting that we will be seeing more of the sleeker, straighter styles mixed in with the messy waves still hanging on from last year. I think this look works best with a choppy fringe to avoid looking like you have freaky bad runway model hair.