Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Need to Personalize This Blog


Hehe. Hey guys! First of all I would really like to thank everybody who has been reading and following my blog. Seeing that little view counter go up everyday makes me so excited! I love seeing that people are reading my writing, even if it's nothing more serious than talking about makeup or products to make your hair grow, lol.

I especially want to thank my youtube channel subscribers who have followed me over to my little blog to take a look, it means so much to me :)

Now, all that being said, I need your guys help, well, at least someone's help. The generic template of my blog has got.to.go! I am taking my blogging very seriously and I want a personalized blog design that shows it! Now, I have done some research on how to personalize your blog but it is getting me nowhere. The fact that I cannot find the photoshop program that I used to use for graphics editing anywhere doesn't hep me either.

If anyone knows any pointers to help me customize my blog design I would so appreciate the advice or recommendations, or whatever!

Thanks everyone and be looking out for some newer and more interesting blog posts coming tomorrow! Hearts!

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