Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day Outfit

I hope that all of you are enjoying the first day of the new years! I spend mine with my husband. First we went to lunch at Panera Bread, then we went and had my car washed. Oh my Lord was my car in serious need of a wash.

I am ending the night at my parents house where I am uploading videos and keeping up with my new years resolution by posting on my blog. I also colored my mom's hair tonight.

Here is my outfit of the day if you are interested :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Cheer for New Years, hehe!

I hope all of you amazing followers had a fabulous holiday! I have noticed that I have quite a few new followers and I am so excited that you guys have joined me here! I am so busy that it is hard for me to devout time to making youtube videos. And I have said time and time again that I want to blog more. My new years resolution is definitely going to be to post more often.

I took some really cute photos of my house decorated for christmas and I though it would be fun to share them with all of you. So enjoy. And let me know how your holidays were!

Would you guys like to see some of the presents I got for Christmas? I could post some pics. Let me know!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blogging and Youtube

Hey everyone! Sorry for not having a more creative greeting but I just couldn't think of a good way to start this blog. I have been having the hardest time keeping up with my youtube channel and posting the amount of videos that I would like to. I notice that when I get home from work I am usually too drained to really prep myself for a video. I don't have the most wonderful lighting in my house so unless I film during the day, the quality of my videos will be lacking. I love youtube and communicating with my subscribers but sometimes it is just so much easier for me to sit down, in my pajamas with no makeup on, and type away on my blog. I figured that blogging is better than not doing anything, and I hope that some of you will enjoy reading in between me filming videos.

So I thought I would share some of the clothing that inspired my thrift store shopping adventure today. I went with one of my good friends and we had a great time sifting through all of the dusty racks of clothes.

To make this blog a bit more fun, I promise to start taking more pictures of my excursions to post on here. But for now, this was just my inspiration for shopping today...

I love the seventies inspired looks that Wildfox Couture puts together. They are one of my favorite brands. All of these pictures are of their various collections throughout the years. Their style is definitely what inspired me to look for vintage clothing that had that lived-in, laid back feel.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Wedding!

Man and Wife!

Our cupcake cake!

I love this shot!

My dad walking me down the isle

Amazing shot of the backyard!

My Mommy! Without her this never could have happened!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bridal Shower Weekend

Hey guys, so this weekend I am going to be out of town for my first of two bridal showers being thrown for me! I am so excited. Since I have gotten so many questions from you guys wondering about what my wedding theme is like, I thought I would show you some pictures that follow my same scheme.

We are going with the pale pink and orange colors. We are also having cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. The above picture is of my maid of honor in the bridesmaid dress. The wedding will be in the backyard of my parent's house.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Manicure Vs. BAD Manicure

It's all the the base/top coat....
      This is something I have recently learned the hard way after weeks and weeks of fighting god-awful chipping nails. If, you are OCD like me, the very thought of chipped polish makes you crinkle your nose. It is probably one of my biggest fashion pet-peeves. I adore nail polish and really prefer my nails to be polished over bare, because I just find that if you have any sort of length to your nails, they just look so much better with polish on them.
      Anyways, that being said, I also HATE having to re-polish my nails day after day because of chipping. This led me to writing this post because I thought it would be nice of me to save you all the trouble of learning this small little lesson on your own.
      Now, the tried and true top coat of my choice with have to be the Seche Vite, fast dry top coat. This is by far the best I have ever tried in terms of how long it makes your polish last and how fast it makes your manicure dry! If you are extremely impatient like me you probably always find yourself smudging freshly painted nails but with this top-coat I never find myself doing that because it completely dries by the time I am up and doing something else.

This top coat from Sally Hansen on the other hand was unfortunately the biggest waste of my money ever! Thank god it was only 4 dollars. This top coat ruined my manicure faster than if I just skipped a top coat all together. I did like how hard and glossy it made my nails look and feel due to the acylic in it, but after about 12 hours of wear you would progressively notice cracks happening throughout the nail and eventually the polish would start chipping off in big chunks. Ugh! Hate!

Let me start off by saying, this is the magic weapon that makes your professional manicure last so much longer then the one you do on yourself. Most nail salons choose this base coat for all their clients. It is a rubberized formula that really bonds the polish to your nail while also protecting you natural nail from becoming dehydrated from the polish. I've skipped base coats for so long now I forgot how amazing this stuff is. I just bought and used it again today and it made my polish go on so much more smoothly.

Let me know your guys' manicure tips and tricks. <3