Saturday, February 26, 2011

Native Islander

I wanted to share this beautiful picture taken by photographer Carlos Nunez. When I saw this pic I fell in love! I just had to share it with you all! I just adore the Indian headdress mixed with the California girl beach attire. It's just so cute and I felt like it would be a good representation of my "personal style" series that I have somewhat started to do.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finding my Personal Style

Recently I made a pact with myself to ban all purchasing of makeup in exchange for clothing and accessories. When I was in high school I feel like I had quite the personal style, at least when I was out of my school uniform. I wasn't in the least bit concerned with makeup but was all about fashion! I was  pretty much obsessed and had the privilege of having a mom, who was just as obsessed, and generous enough to buy me whatever I needed.

Fast forward about two years and I discovered how extraordinary makeup was and began building my collection of cosmetics. Then I went to beauty school and was condemned to a year of wearing solid black and I think that's where my personal style was lost.

Now out of school I am rediscovering my love for fashion and am becoming more and more excited to develop my own personal style. I don't want to just roam helplessly in the fashion world, wearing whatever happens to already be in my closet. I want to develop my style into an expression.

Thankfully, Christmas provided me with some new basics that fit my style (thank you Antrhopology,) so now I am concentrating on the accessories and SHOES! OMG, I am in such dire need of shoes. I feel like these things can really provoke what you are wanting to say with an outfit.

So here are some little pieces that inspire me and fit what I see as my personal style.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apple Talk

Hey my dears, I hope all of you are doing well! I am getting particularly anxious this week to get my new iphone 4, which will be available for me to purchase on the 28th of February. I cannot tell you how much I anticipate this dang phone to change my blogging and vlogging lifestyle! When given proper lighting the iphone 4 can take beautiful HD photographs which my blog is in desperate need of. I also am looking forward to utilizing the video camera feature of the phone to film some "follow me around" style vlogs.

So to ease my impatience I have been shopping for Iphone 4 cases to protect my new baby. Here are a few of my favorites. I've decided to stick with the speck brand because of their reliability.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recent Purchases

My most exciting purchase is my new foundation. I bought mine in NW20 :) A full review will be soon to follow, I just want to give myself more time of using this. In conjunction with my MAC Pro Longwear foundation I am using MAC Strobe Cream. I mix the strobe cream with the foundation to make my own tinted moisturizer. The finish is gorgeous, but like I said, I will do a full review later.
My next purchase was the MAC blush in Dame. This is my very first MAC blush and I am so impressed by it!
Before I purchased my MAC Pro Longwear I had dabbled in the MAC Studio Fix Powder foundation. I will do a full review on this as well. It is a fantastic powder foundation but can be a little too chalky on my dry skin.
At Ulta I purchased this Macadamia Nut oil hair mask. I have heard great things on this treatment and wanted to give it a try.
Haute as Hello
Finally I bought my first couple Essie polishes and I love them both. Beware that these dry matte so you need a nice top coat to give it a shiny finish.