Saturday, July 10, 2010

New and Confused

I am very proud of myself for finally taking the initiative to start a blog. Perhaps this will be the outlet I can use for my creative writing. Hmmm... Anyways, I really don't know what I am doing on here seeing as this is my very first blog post ever, but I am hoping that in a bit of time I can get things sorted out. I definitely want to make my blog look a bit cuter. Maybe I can work on getting some of my old website designing skills back from the days of my youth when all I did was play on horseland.com. Hahaha. That is kind of embarrassing to admit but oh well.
So, my plans for this blog are to incorporate my love of writing with my love and knowledge in all things having to do with beauty. I want to showcase the work I have done on set with makeup and hair as well as just talk with my readers about great products and beauty tricks. These are my plans but I want this blog to really be free to be taken anywhere it pleases. I am going to be embarrassingly honest and myself in my posts. I am going to write about issues I want to write about and I won't be afraid to unleash my opinion on you all.
Well, that is enough of an introduction for now. I want to go ahead and post this so I can get a feel for how everything works. If anyone actually reads this...HAHA...cool!

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