Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coconut Oil -- The Key to Growing Long, Healthy Hair

I get asked a lot what tips I can give to girls to help them grow their hair longer. Most girls have a very difficult time keeping their hair healthy enough to prevent breakage and allow their hair to become longer. There is no secret product that will suddenly make your hair growth spurt 4 inches but you will notice and feel like your hair growth is increasing by keeping your hair healthy and preventing the length of your hair from breaking off.

Most of the products we use in our hair are scientifically manufactured so that the molecules in that product are small enough to fit into our hair's cuticle and hydrate the hair shaft from the inside out. The problem with these products is that they contain many chemical ingredients that are counter-productive to our hair's health. This is why many women choose to go organic with their hair-care, as I do.

This being said, not all organic or "food" based hair products are beneficial to your hair in terms of repair. Olive oil for example is a wonderful treatment for the hair if you are looking for increased softness and shine but olive oil will not do much as far as repairing the hair. This is because the molecules in olive oil are too large to fit into the hair's cuticle which means that the benefits of olive oil simply coat the hair's surface, giving it smoothness and luminosity but it does not restore or condition the hair.

Coconut oil on the other hand is the only organic oil whose molecules are small enough to fit into the tiny holes in the hairs cuticle. This allows the moisturizing nutrients from the coconut oil to penetrate the hair and restore the hair from the inside out. In this sense, coconut oil actually works to repair your hair and actually make it healthier. Coconut oil will not make split ends magically disappear, you have to cut those off, but it will help to restore dry, brittle hair.

I have found that coconut oil is indeed the magic ingredient to healthy hair. :)


  1. awesome thanks for the info. Which hair porducts do you reccomend that contain coconut oil?

  2. Will this product work on women of color?
    I have been trying hair, skin and nails vitamins and it made my hair thicker but not that much growth has been seen.

  3. this product would work fantastically on women of color as well! it will really help to give moisture to the ends of your hair and help to prevent breakage! you should definitely give it a try!

  4. Sorry which product was it? (I know this is late but I only just stumbled across your blog ) :)

  5. Im also intrestead of knowing which product to use.. Thank you and also congrats on your wedding best of luck to you both