Monday, July 12, 2010

Brighten Your Day

Hey everyone! So today I decided to upload a few pictures from a look I did actually a couple months ago. I am going to be uploading pictures from older looks just because I want to get them up onto my blog. I will be posting more recent works soon though.

This particular look was inspired by the bright pink and yellow daisies that are always pictured everywhere around spring time or the beginning of summer. I know a lot of girls are afraid to wear this much color in their routine makeup look but I really do encourage you guys to try and pull off a little bit of color during these warm seasons.

I know that pink can be a particularly difficult bright color to pull off around the eye area, oftentimes in can come off looking more like you have pinkeye than a trendy, cute eyeshadow look. The trick is to stick with very vibrant, bright, "hot" shades of pink. The darker shade of pink you go, the more red pigment there is to the color. You want pinks with more yellow pigments in them then red. Red is what makes you look like you have pinkeye. I also always suggest keeping pink colors strictly on the upper-lid area. Never line your lower lash-line with a pink shade.

For this look I blended a dark shimmery orange into my crease with a fluffy 224 brush from Mac Cosmetics to blend out the line between the pink and my skin color. The final touch to this look was to add that bright, canary yellow into the inner corners of the eyes. This yellow is what keeps the look fresh and bright. The yellow in the corners brings out the yellow underlying pigments in the bright pinks I chose, which will further help to cancel out any red pigments that can cause your eye area to look infected.

Keep your cheeks a nice, bright pink. I used Orgasm by Nars Cosmetics. And voila! You will have a beautiful bright eye look for the summer! Ask me any questions you may have and let me know if you try any bright eyeshadow looks out this summer!


  1. hey i noticed by these pictures that i don't see your monroe piercing. where these before or after that?

  2. ya these were taken before I got my monroe piercing ;P I am trying to catch my blog up to more recent pictures hehe