Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Skincare Haul!

 This eye cream is a newer addition to the Origins line and is geared toward the anti-aging branch of skincare. This eye cream is effective in providing moisture to the delicate eye area while also smoothing out any fine lines that are visible.
A perfect World serum is designed with Silver Tip White Tea to provide extraordinary antioxidants to protect the skin against harmful free-radicals that we are exposed to each day.  This product is meant to work as your skin's own personal little shield, guarding it from everything negative that it will encounter in our environment. This product provides an immediate smoothing effect that is very similar to that of a primer.

 This amazing little bottle is full of something I find to be one of the coolest hybrids between skincare and makeup ever invented! This is indeed a skincare product with all the usual benefits of a good moisturizer but with the technology to provide your skin with a bit of coverage. It is not as simple as calling this a tinted moisturizer, however, because it doesn't sit on your skin like one. There are these little micro-particles in the formula that change to match your skin's exact tone. I am very excited to use this product in light of my no-makeup challenge.

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  1. I was in Macy's a few weeks ago shopping for an outfit for a wedding. When I saw the origins display I got so excited, because I remembered your blog post about it. So, I tried a swatch on my arm. My boyfriend came up behind me and started laughing he asked me why my arm was orange!