Friday, March 18, 2011

No Makeup Challenge (Day 2)

I made a video talking about my experience with wearing no face makeup today! Enjoy :)

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  1. Hello Kaitlyn,

    I have no idea where to start. This will be probably longer than an ordinary comment. I wanted to write you an email but then I figured out I am only a subscriber and I wont bother you at your "business mail".

    I am 19 and I am from Slovakia.

    Lately I am getting into all the youtube vlogs and tutorials. So far the only sweetie and the great vlogger for me was macbarbie07. Today you totally blowed my mind. You seem like a great person and your style and thoughts are so close to mine. I havent watched many of your videos but I definitely had to write you right away.

    I am also "BIO and natural person" I would say. I love things about make up but I dont personally wear make up. It is just that I like the total natural look and when I wear make up I feel like wearing mask.

    But sometimes I am sick of looking "normal" and I want my face look smoother and more even. Thats why I like using tinted moisturizer from Lancolme.

    Your video about skin care routine did interested me! I am kinda lazy to put some creams and stuffs but I am going try same organic products you mentioned because I figured out the first step to make my skin look better is care than make up!

    A question that I have is: Do you use some powder and blush over your tinted moisturizer? Every powder looks too "powdery" at my face and I hate it I want to look I am wearing no make up. Do you have some cosmetics you can recommend? (I have normal to dry skin)

    The second thing: I have a dark circles under my eyes like every day. Do you have some care for it and also a good concealer for this that will look super natural.

    This summer I am going to US for holiday so I am looking forward to shopping all these goodies. :)

    Sorry for a long annoying message. I know I can search for my questions on the Internet but I would love to hear your advices!

    You have my biggest likings!!!

    Good luck in what you are doing you are doing it great.

    Best wishes from Slovakia,