Monday, October 18, 2010

L'oreal Voluminous Million Lash and Revlon Age Defying Concealer Review

Before Million Lash Mascara and Revlon Concealer


As you guys can undoubtedly tell from the pictures that speak much louder than words, these two products are pretty damn good! I was blown away as soon as I began applying the Million Lash Mascara! It was instant love, I am telling you!  This product did exactly what it claimed. It defined my lashes, truly making it look like I had a million of them, while volumizing them to the max. It was a smooth, easy application and one coat was all I needed to make my lashes look fabulous. One thing I loved was that my lashes felt soft and pliable to the touch, not hard and crunchy. I also feel the need to mention the scent of the product. I noticed in a lot of other reviews, girls complained about the scent like it was the most horrific thing in the world. Those girls need to calm themselves down because the scent is nothing obscene whatsoever. It smells better then straight up chemicals which normal mascaras smell like. And you can't even smell it unless you stick your nose to the bottle and who does that? Overall I love, love, love this product. It is definitely my HG (Holy Grail) drugstore mascara!

Now for the Revlon Age Defying Concealer. Again, a wonderful drugstore product that performs and feels like a high end product. As you can see from the pictures, this product worked wonders on my dark circles. With this product you need the tiniest amount and the product is super opaque. The product was also very moisturizing on my eye area which I loved. I will definitely recommend this to you guys if you are looking for a good under-eye concealer.


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  2. A great true honest review, really well written. Loving your bloggo, will defo be back :-) xx