Monday, August 2, 2010

Hair Trend I'm Loving -- Dark Roots

So I have been totally in love with this new trend running rampantly through Hollywood. Some are referring to it as the "Dark Root Trend" and it can be achieved by adding some subtle highlights midway down the hair strand instead of directly on the roots. I think this look is so carefree its chic, and I am in love! The idea of this trend is to mimic the natural lightness that your hair gets on its ends due to the sun.

These types of highlights are great for girls who want low-maintenance colored hair. Start the highlights about two inches away from the scalp which will allow the highlights to grow out naturally while still getting the instant "dark root" look. The trick to make this look work is to weave highlights in. If you slice the hair to make more chunky highlights, the regrowth will be too defined of a line and will make the look unnatural.

Of course, the other option is to just spread out the time between visits to the salon, which will be such a money saver! I am excited to try this trend out myself by letting my hair color fade at the ends naturally and then just letting my hair grow out naturally. So this trend is saving my hair from further damage and keeping some money in my pocket. Like I said, I'm in love. Are you yet?

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