Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finding my Personal Style

Recently I made a pact with myself to ban all purchasing of makeup in exchange for clothing and accessories. When I was in high school I feel like I had quite the personal style, at least when I was out of my school uniform. I wasn't in the least bit concerned with makeup but was all about fashion! I was  pretty much obsessed and had the privilege of having a mom, who was just as obsessed, and generous enough to buy me whatever I needed.

Fast forward about two years and I discovered how extraordinary makeup was and began building my collection of cosmetics. Then I went to beauty school and was condemned to a year of wearing solid black and I think that's where my personal style was lost.

Now out of school I am rediscovering my love for fashion and am becoming more and more excited to develop my own personal style. I don't want to just roam helplessly in the fashion world, wearing whatever happens to already be in my closet. I want to develop my style into an expression.

Thankfully, Christmas provided me with some new basics that fit my style (thank you Antrhopology,) so now I am concentrating on the accessories and SHOES! OMG, I am in such dire need of shoes. I feel like these things can really provoke what you are wanting to say with an outfit.

So here are some little pieces that inspire me and fit what I see as my personal style.

1 comment:

  1. just found you on youtube, love love your style all around!
    your hair and make up, clothes and jewelry look so beautiful...
    thank you for sharing your insights!
    you totally made my day! cant wait to see your on going evolution too!
    love and gratitude!